What is DOMO Design|Build?

DOMO is a full-service, off-site modular construction company. We design and build all types of structures, from cabins, houses and apartments, to hotels and office buildings.


We build inside a factory, which ensures the highest quality control, faster build times, and less waste. Each of these factors leads to a lower overall cost over traditional ‘stick-built’ homes.

We can provide just the structure, or turn-key the entire process from beginning to end, including all site work.


Another term to describe what we do is “factory-built buildings”. In fact, this is the Montana State certification required for every module we manufacture, ensuring that we’ve met the strictest code requirements of any building type.


Who designs your buildings?

Our team of seasoned design professionals have years of experience with both residential and commercial architecture. We can provide any level of design or input that you desire. We’re also happy to work with your architect or other designers to provide the best team approach to creating your new home or building. Together, we’ll make sure that your building program is responsible and efficient, and is tailored to the exact requirements that you set forth.

How much choice do I have with design and options?

Since we’re a true ‘design-build’ company, there’s almost no limit to what we can produce for you. The freedom of DOMO Design|Build modular buildings is that we can build anything in our factory that could be done on site.


If you see something that we’ve done previously that you like, we’ll work with you to make it your own. Or, bring us a photo or drawing of a home that strikes your fancy. We’ll get our design department on it right away to bring it to life on your lot. Or, we can design something for you from scratch. That’s the freedom you have with DOMO Design|Build.


We can build with wood or steel. We can add rock or brick facades. Maybe you love reclaimed materials. We’re happy to incorporate them. Perhaps you want to bring all of your existing appliances into your new home. That’s okay with us. At DOMO, you’re in complete control of what service we provide to you.

How much of the home is constructed in the factory, and how much is on-site?

 Our structures are typically completed in the factory to about 80- 90%, including interior and exterior finishes. Once completed, we dis-assemble the modules, cover them, and ship them to your job-site, where each module is then lifted off of the flatbed trailer and craned onto the permanent foundation, which has been constructed during the same time that we’ve been working in the factory.


Once in place, the modules are ‘stitched’ together. We complete the drywall to cover any seams, install flooring materials to seamlessly transition from one room to another, complete the roof, and then install any fixtures such as chandeliers, loose shelves, and appliances that would have possibly come loose during shipping.

Are DOMO structures mobile homes?

No.  Here are a few of the features that separate our modular structures from HUD manufactured mobile homes:


  • DOMO Modular structures are designed, engineered and built to be on permanent foundations.

  • DOMO buildings are not attached to frames that have wheels on them.

  • Our structures are all shipped on flat-bed semi-tractor trailers, and then craned on to a permanent foundation.


DOMO buildings meet the strictest building code requirements (IRC and UBC). Conversely, most manufactured homes on wheels only meet the minimum building code, as stipulated by HUD (Housing and Urban Development).


Some of the biggest differences between the IRC code and the inferior HUD codes are:

  • DOMO buildings meet all requirements for mortgages, exactly like any site-built home.

  • DOMO buildings are built much stronger than HUD manufactured houses. We use a minimum of 2x6 wood studs (manufactured HUD homes are only required to use 2x3 studs), and all floor frames are wrapped with two rim joists to strengthen the modules for shipping.


  • We insulate each building to meet the most stringent environmental conditions for any part of the world. This ensures that our buildings hold up to the elements much better than even some traditionally site-built structures.


  • DOMO Design|Build can build any design. Unlike manufactured homes on wheels, we don’t have a set catalog of products. We’re a true ‘design/build’ company. Our expert in-house design and engineering team can work with you to create any design you desire, or we’ll work with your architect to ensure that the design they produce works seamlessly with the factory construction process.

I don’t know how to get started, what do I do?

So often, the hardest step is the first one. We’ll make it easy. Just give us a call, text, or email. Our team thrives on learning about you and your needs, and how we can help, with absolutely no obligation on your part.


We believe that education is the most important factor in decision-making, so we’ll answer your questions, ask a few ourselves, and simply have a conversation. If you’re interested in what you hear, then we’ll make another meeting to continue the conversation with you.


Do you help with financing?

We don’t provide in-house financing, but we work with multiple banks and credit unions to ensure that our customers have great mortgage options from companies that support our vision and customer’s needs.



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