Why modular Construction?

Faster. Higher Quality. reduced cost.
Faster, Higher quality.
Building in doors gives us a huge advantage. No inclement weather delays. No water damage from rain or snow, and the ability to systematize and control each building process. This leads to much faster build times, and better construction. 
we generate less waste - typically less than 3% of the building materials used on the job, compared to a national average of around 7-10%.
Better Job and Cost Control
With 80 to 90 percent of the work completed in a factory, fewer laborers and subcontractors are needed. 

concierge-quality customer experience 
We know that you want a custom designed home that fits your individual lifestyle. Our professional staff can design the home to your exact needs, and then execute immediately, while you play a continued and vital role in the process from the beginning to delivery.

Custom Design
Design is in our name for a reason. At DOMO, you're in complete control of the design of your new home. Our design staff is comprised of industry professionals with years of experience who will work with you  through the design process to create exactly what you desire. 
We always start the process by finding out what is important to you, and we ask questions about the project as a whole so that we can form a 'big picture'. It's important to us that you are an integral part of the process, and we'll work with you as much, or as little, as you wish to create the perfect design.

Quality and Service
DOMO factory-built homes are built to the same quality level and codes required for site-built homes. In fact, we typically exceed code requirements in strength, insulation and energy conservation.
We have quality control personnel in the factory monitoring production as well as a separate third party inspector who ensures the quality and compliance of your new home or building. We also employ service people who can help if a problem arises in the field.
The bulk of the construction is completed in the factory under a controlled environment, so there are no delays due to weather or material shortages. Plus, we guarantee the cost of the home after the order is placed, for a reasonable period of time, so that unexpected cost overruns do not occur.
We believe that home ownership should be a positive, empowering experience. Our dedicated team provides concierge-level service from beginning to end, to ensure that your new home is exactly what you've always dreamed it would be.
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